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The Tournament: MCKK Premier 7s

The MCKK Premier 7s is an annual under-18 rugby sevens tournament featuring premier and international schools’ teams. The tournament was first held in 2011. The winners are awarded the NJ Ryan Cup, named after the last foreign headmaster who led the school rugby team to victory in the past.
Administered by Malay College Kuala Kangsar and the Malay College Old Boys Association, with the All-Blacks Revival (ABR) subcommittee, the MCKK Premier 7s is on the verge of being recognized by World Rugby with assistance from the Malaysian Rugby Union. Since 2014, the tagline for this tournament has been ‘Premiering Talent and Sportsmanship’.
The MCKK Premier 7s, the showpiece event in men’s rugby sevens, brings together 24 teams for an electrifying 3 days of competition. Witness 61 matches showcasing the future stars of rugby!
The MCKK Premier 7s is not just a tournament; it’s a celebration of tradition, excellence, and the spirit of competition. Join us in supporting these young athletes as they compete for glory and the prestigious NJ Ryan Cup.

NJ Ryan Trophy

The MCKK Rugby 7’s trophy is a unique embodiment of the sport’s spirit – one of exhilarating speed and fierce competition. Rugby, often misunderstood as solely brutal, is in fact a game of strategy, power, and surprising grace. This very essence is captured in the trophy’s design.

The trophy itself is deceptively simple yet undeniably powerful. Swirling elements evoke the image of a fast-spinning rugby ball, a dynamic representation of the game’s action. The hollow body symbolizes the intangible spirit of rugby – a force felt by players and fans alike.

A gleaming silver band spirals around the trophy, its polish reflecting the wind’s high velocity as it cuts through the air. This band also forms the distinct shape of a rugby ball, a testament to the game’s core identity.

The seemingly fragile vertical support adds to the sense of a fast-moving, flying ball. This dynamism is contrasted by the weighty wooden base, a symbol of rugby’s long and rich tradition.

This iconic trophy is more than just a prize. It’s a daring and eye-catching symbol that represents the game’s dynamic nature and integrity. It celebrates the intensity and individuality of the MCKK Rugby 7’s tournament, elevating the competition and honoring its champion.

Organising Committee

Meet the dedicated team behind the MCKK Premier 7s. Their commitment and hard work ensure the success and excellence of this prestigious tournament.

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